Is he assuming that we should only be seeing each other? It was never discussed.

So I've known this guy for years and he barley got the courage to tell me he likes me a couple days before I left for college again. When I left we didn't set any boundaries before I left (like we are exclusively dating each other, or since I'm out of town we are free to date other people, and actually we didn't even discuss the potential for us to date... All we did was kiss and I was gone the next day for school) well I didn't hear from him for about a month so I texted him we talked that day and it was like we were just friends which is cool whatever, but then a few days later he texts me and starts saying how I have all these dudes and how I probably don't even think of him, and that I'm a player (which I'm definitely not)... I have guy friends so I talk to them because they initiate conversations with me even though I'm not in town at the moment so maybe he thinks thy are more than just friends idk...but what does it matter if they are since no boundaries were set? Does he assume we're exclusive because he told me how he finally felt about me? I'm so confused!


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  • If you didn't talk for a month I can't imagine he thinks you're exclusive. If he does then he has a problem.