Why is he suddenly contacting me after all this time?

I was casually dating a guy on and off for a year before we finally broke it off because I wanted something more serious and he didn't. He also lived about an hour outside the city and I lived in the city, so we didn't live close. Soon after breaking up, I moved away for a few months for my job. While I was gone, we would text every so often just friendly, fun conversation. After a few months, when I was done with my job assignment, I moved back to the city close to him and I sent a friendly text saying I was back and would love to catch up some time. I actually never heard from him. That was a year ago.

Three days ago, I got a text from him completely out of the blue saying "hey! How've ya been?" To say the least I was completely surprised. We text back and forth for about 2 hours, he just moved up to the city and it turns out he lives 6 blocks from me. He wanted to know what I've been up to and we chatted about our favorite places in our neighborhood. It felt a lot like the conversations when we first were getting to know each other.

What could he want in contacting me after this long? I can't imagine he just wants to exchange friendly texts. He knows I don't want just casually date anymore. Should I sit back and wait for him to text me again, or should I be my friendly self and suggest we meet for coffee and catch up? I can't say for certain I would want to date him again right now, but I'm open to the idea.


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  • let him take the next step. see if he wants what you want then go from there. if you make the move, he may back off.

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