Is he ready to hear the truth? Fear of opening myself up. Any suggestions?

been dating about 3 months. I kinda rejected him in the 3rd date when we were making out. at the end of the date, it felt a bit awkward. then I made things better saying its just me, he said he is not the pushy type. so we have been continuing since and things are moving along with intimacy.


he often asks what I am thinking on our dates, and topic about my ex. have come up and he would apologize that if it makes me feel sad...

so is he ready to hear the truth? and is he for real? can I trust him to open my heart? as I am still hurting and having a hard time opening myself to him. he seem very patient with me.

no exclusive talk yet. someone told me he is waiting for me...but, isn't the guy supposed to move things along? he did say, are we in a relationship? and answered, I hope so.

my head is all clouded up


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  • you've a sweet boyfriend. He's not rushing you but why should he? you're in a relationship right? men move things forward as in from friends to exclusive relationship and if he's someone who believes in marriage, would go to that next. (not making you wait about 7 years to know it). That's what moving things forward mean. Once in relationship, he's working with you. He's building the relationship with you. Everything doesn't have to be on day one or even month 4. The most important thing is that you're in a trusting relationship and he's working with you. You're a team. I do question how come you got into relationship when you're still in love with you ex though?

    Should you have been more patient with yourself...?

    • i don't know if I have a boyfriend, we haven't had the exclusive talk about if we are in a boyfriend. girlfriend relationship. we have dated almost three months.

      i used to hear from him daily, as of last week I only heard from him two times. I initiated text one time.

      indeed I don't know if I am ready...maybe that's what he is waiting for. we are both 40 and I have kids, so I don't know about marriage

      i am all confused

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    • i have giving myself time off from the breakup...but one can't live in the past. I still have to deal with my ex. due to children.

      i am open about my children and you are right, he is courteous and such gentleman to me.

      i guess what I want to know is if I should tell him about my past more or just leave it. but there are times I would look into space and he would tell me not to think about it.

      then I also don't know if I should ask if we are boyfriend girlfriend. I noticed he hid his online profile last wk.

    • It takes two to tango. He knows you're not giving 100%, be upfront and let this one pass. You're not ready for relationship.