Went on a first date with this girl, and a month later she hits me up to see if I can take her to a movie?

So I took this girl I knew in college out on a date about a month ago, and she didn't call me back at all except for text saying "She couldn't talk tonight, try her tomorrow." Nothing every happened.

Now a month later, she texts me out of nowhere and says, "Hey! Have you seen BLAH BLAH BLAH yet?"

I write "I have not, but I really want to" and she replies, "Me too me too!" Pretty much setting me up to ask if she wants to go, so I say " It looks great I don't know if I want to go in IMAX or not", she replies "Yes. And IMAX has to happen hahaha"

So I ask here you want to see it today, she says yes. From there I say Imax will definitely blow our minds and she replies " I'm looking to get blown hahahaha"

So is she game possibly or just friends?

Yeah I'm not paying for her ticket btw
Thanks for the help, any other advice?!


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  • Tell her it has to be dutch.

    She clearly disappeared on you. Watch her sudden reaction probably change. She has not made you a priority so you should not make her a priority. As far as I'm concerned you should consider her having blown her chances with you.

    If she has a problem with it then it clearly means she's using you as a free movie ticket and she probably has guys lined up in her phone for this very purpose, free stuff.

    If she was interested in you she would not care what you were doing.


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  • Good weather, outdoor stuff. Lunch, walk in park , ice cream. Try to touch her hand, her back. Kiss on cheek for goodbye. Let her think :)

    Rainny day, indoor museum,galaxy ...

    Have fun


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  • You're clearly not her first choice. She's happy to do things with you, as long as she has nothing better to do. I've had that happen to me many times; I've never taken the bait.

  • Sounds like she was probably out looking for someone else the past month and it never happend now she is back trying to be with you.

    • Should I bring up the fact that we never went on a 2nd date?

    • Yes but don't come off like you are mad about it