Do guys get annoyed by long texts?

Not necessarily "long" but detailed texts? Sometimes when I text the guy I like, we can be vague and type one sentence or a few words to each other, but when we get into deeper topics, I sometimes type a lot to get my message across and he will respond with a simple response... so I'm not sure if that bothers him or if he is just agreeing and there isn't much else to say? I've always been this way and I try not to be but it is difficult for me to get my point across otherwise. I'd love to talk on the phone but I'm awkward and just not at that stage with him. I think the thing that bothers me is sometimes even if I know he is busy, he will respond to a longer text with one or a maybe a few words, but I guess if he has nothing to say that understandable...


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  • It all comes down to the guy and the type of connection you have.

    It's rare, but occasionally, a guy may come across a connection with you that he is so eager to explore that he wants exposure to your mind anyway he can get it. So, he would APPRECIATE long texts from you. In my 21 years of life, I have only come across ONE guy whom I could actually exchange long, deep, detailed texts with. I loved it. : ) I was always so intrigued to see what would come out of his mind next and it was nice that I could share a deeper part of my psyche with him and it would be appreciated. That connection also encouraged me to push the limits of my thoughts instead of just easily sailing on the surface of topics. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss having that rare connection.

    I don't mean to generalize, but guys who usually have simple responses to deeper topics are just simple guys and they don't use the brain power to delve deep into a subject. That's usually how it is and you'll see that if you try to have that same conversation with them face to face but it's like the convo only extends so far. Anyhow, sometimes you just have to adapt to a person's communication style and if they don't like long texts, it's best to just keep it short and simple so that no one gets frustrated and annoyed.


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  • If you have a lot to say and you can't talk on the phone or in person, email it instead. I like a girl with a lot on her mind, but I don't like long pieces of writing being broken up into little tiny chunks, and I don't like my phone constantly beeping from a long stream of text messages.

    A long email also puts less pressure on me for an immediate response than a bunch of text messages. If you have a lot to say, I want time to think about it since I will probably write just as much in response.

    • Well it usually happens in moments... if we chat all afternoon, its usually short, but occasionally we have days where its just a deep "whats going on in your head" type conversation

  • i like detailed (but not excessively long) texts. depends on the context. 5-6 sentences are cool; several paragraphs is pushing it

    • Lol definitely was not that long :) Mainly it happens when I'm trying to keep him entertained, I just get more into things than he might or just can't seem to put it into simpler words :/

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  • I could go on and on and on and my guy will go on and on and on.

    Just depends on the guy, how much you guys see each other in person (to verbally express what you're thinking), and what the subject it.

    If he never texts more than one or 2 sentences then yeah I would definitely not go Jane Austen on him.

    Don't overwhelm guys should meet in person more.

    But after rereading your post...

    Do you think he likes texting for one? Do you think he shows sufficient interest in you for you to keep talking to him?

    • I feel like he does since he's usually the one who initiates (most of the time) although I would prefer to call, its just that I am very awkward... and he has admitted his like for me amongst other things so I am going to suppose he does like me

    • Well then maybe texting is not his thing he is genuinely busy. In that case, you should do something with your time to distract you and try to focus on seeing him in person verses conversing over the phone.