Is he playing or into me?

I have been seeing this guy for a while now but sometimes he acts like he doesn't care about me at all, recent example, he was on holiday for a week and didn't wish me birthday, when he came back and I asked he came up with a lame excuse that his phone was broken, but I was bit upset over the whole thing, we didn't fight or anything but I just didn't text him much like I used to, and then yesterday he texted me 'Morning my beautiful princess' Me: ' morning :) somebody is in good mood' Him: ' you like that' Me: 'yup' ...that's all no more talking for rest of the day.

I am really confused, I don't understand him, do you think he's just playing me or he's into me


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  • Based solely on this, it's hard to give you a concrete answer. Did he forget your birthday? It happens, especially when people have been together for a while. But if he's the type of guy whose only nice to you when he's in a good mood then steer clear. This type of person is selfish

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