How do you handle sensitive topics on a first date?

I'm seeing a guy I met online for the first time. We have very similar interests and so far we've just discussed these, our day-to-day lives, nothing too personal. I've had a pretty rough time of it and anything concerning family and health is a sensitive issue. I want to be honest about what's happened in my life but I'm worried that the sheer amount of negativity will scare him off! Should I deflect the questions until we know each other better or will he think I'm hiding something even worse?

So difficult to know what to do.

Any advice?


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  • If some things are less sensitive than others than that would be fine but avoid anything too heavy. He could end up feeling like your immediately trying to dump all your troubles on him when he'd have more respect for you if you keep it to yourself at least initially. It shows your capable to facing these problems alone.

    When brushing over the sensitive topics, try not to make it sound like a big deal because that could make him a bit wary. Then again, don't be too dismissive either or he'll just think your hiding something for no reason.

    Hope that helps and good luck! :)


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  • My brother and sister died during my childhood, my mother left the house, I've dropepd school and changed studies because of personnal issues a lot of time, my dad has cancer.

    Yes, anything concerning family and health is a sensitive issue, I can understand that trust is an important matter in relationship and I can understand that sometimes we want a shoulder to cry on. But to soon is to soon.

    My advice would be to let him ask you what he wants, and if it is sensitive just say that you will answer later, also don't look too gloomy or depressed. It's a win-win : he will be more protective and interested by the mystery girl.


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  • It's best to wait a while with such things. A first date and second date is much like a job interview. You should avoid saying anything negative about yourself and pretend you have no weaknesses. After that, you should slowly introduce those things one by one and not every time you meet either.

  • Yea don't talk about it too soon.