Why hasn't boyfriend texted me?

I have social anxiety and over think way too much. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 weeks now. He always text me and usually his latest texts are 5-ish or 7ish. He hasn’t texted me yesterday at all. We texted a day before and it was fine. I keep thinking he stopped liking me, got bored of me, hates me, heard something about me, or using me. I’m so depressed and won’t stop looking at my phone.

He was probably busy but his sister, mom, and cousin were online and posted stuff, nothing saying what they were doing that day. He wanted me to go to this fair with him, his mom and cousin this morning which he seemed happy. He’s supposed to pick me up but now since he hasn’t texted me , I feel like he is going to stood me up and not pick me up. I’m also nervous about going anyway, but boyfriend doesn’t know about my anxiety. Need help. Advice?

This is our texts from 2 days ago:

Me: Whatcha doing?

Him: Thinking about you <3

Me: Awww you're always on my mind babe <3

Him: How so? c:

Me: How so what?

Him: The text that you sent saying that I'm in your thoughts as well (: so I say again: how so? :)

Me: Heh you first :P

Him: I won't if you won't lol c:

Me: Tell me or I won't go to the fair with you XD

Him: Fine...

Him: Whenever I'm staring at you...I am always thinking about you <3 Does that make sense? lol c:

Me: Not really lol -_-

Him: Well you're always in my thoughts& it's hard to explain. Now it's your turn. Hehehe :P

Me: You're just always on my mind (:

Him: Aaaaahhh! why are you so stubborn?! Lol XD

Me: hehe XD <3

Him: Sooooo…watcha doing? C:

Me:Trying to find a movie on YouTube. Don’t forget to look up that one movie I told you about ha ha XD

Him: Type in sprigs episode 1, you can thank me later…just,oh god just watch it you will like it. Lol XD

(hour later)

Him: I'm going to bed, good night c:

I got the texts later because my phone wasn’t working. He hasn’t texted me yesterday or this morning about the fair since he’s supposed to pick me up in about an hour. I texted him and no reply.


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  • can you really call someone your boyfriend after only 3 weeks though...


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  • Because his girlfriend over thinks everything and worries needlessly.

  • I have been stood up and dumped many many times. It's part of life.

  • since you are a girl, I wouldn't really worry since it's okay for a girl to have social anxiety, since the guy has to do the leading


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  • I don't really think he's mad at you or fed up with you or anything. His texts are sweet, he keeps on texting, all the heartthingies going on. Has he replied in the meantime? If not, call him and ask him if you're still on for the fair and if he's still picking you up. It's fine to text him too instead of waiting for him to text you, if there's a day of no texting, just send him a text yourself :) then he'll know that you'll make some effort too.

    • He hasn't called or texted still. I texted him asking if were still going but still no reply.It's passed 9 ...

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    • Well he texted me back now. He said "Yay! Fair! Yeah, we're still going C:". Now were texting about the video on YouTube. I still can't stop over thinking tho. . .

    • You could ask how it happened that you haven't heard each other that much the last couple of days. But over thinking ruins things, it's a waste of time, makes you nervous and sad and gets you nowhere. It's best to enjoy the stage you're in now and enjoy your relationship. I know it's easier said than done.

  • Why don't you call him? There are so many different reasons why he couldn't have texted you; he's phone is empty, he is busy doing homework, he's helping his father with something, he left his phone at home.
    So don't worry, it's probably nothing, and he will certainly don't stood you up tomorrow. And I really think you should tell him about your social anxiety, 'cause then he can be aware of it.

  • I was once like you. Don't worry too much. He doesn't text doesn't mean he doesn't care. Don't stress yourself out by making up things in your head. If you don't stop, it will ruin your relationship. Trust me, everything will be OK. Guys just don't text as much as girls do. But they still care. Cheer up

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