How do I get a kiss on the lips for my birthday?

So I'm turning 23 in a week and a half and I've never been really kissed. I kind of want that for my birthday. The guy I want it to be from is a bit older . I was with him and a friend and his friend said he took someone out for there birthday I turned to the guy I liled and in a flirty way said my birthday is the 18th do I get something? And he blushed and smiled and shook his head yes. Lol he has kissed my cheek a couple times and he kissed a scrape I had. How do I get a kiss on the lips from him? I have a cute little mermaid shirt that says go on and kiss the girl. Thinking of wearing that.


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  • Just smile and look into his eyes, usually I can't resist when a girl does that

  • Um yeah he might get the hint from the shirt. You could look into his eyes and move a bit closer...


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