Does this girl really have an interest in me?

So I got set up on a blind date with this girl about a month ago. We hit it off. Met up with her a couple times a week since then. We've made out etc spent the night over. Last time she started talking about sex and how we'll get there eventually. Told me she's only slept with 2 guys, she's 22. That was on Wednsday. Since then I tried getting her to hang out on Friday after she got off but said her phone died. Next day we had plans to hang out after she got off. But said "Nah I'm gonna go home I'm super tired".

Is she really interested in me? She doesn't really make much of an effort to hang out with me, I'm usually the one that tries to set stuff up but it's difficult. I feel like just backing off a bit and seeing what she does.

And the last thing is, is it possible to really date someone if our schedules don't work at all? She either works till 11-12 and won't hang out after work, or has work at 6:00am and won't hang out at night before work as she goes to bed pretty early. I work as well and have school so nighttime is usually the only time when I'm free. It's just really frustrating trying to set up things with her.


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  • She's a flake mate... If anyone wants to truly spend time with you, they'll MAKE TIME. No excuses.