Help me translate this text

I have zero game as I've been in a LTR for awhile...

I was at a bar getting a drink with a good female friend when a girl sig younger then I sits down two seats over. She gets obviously annoyed by the others so my friend asks her to sit with us.

I think we have a great time, great convo, strong eye contact, lots of back and forth, hand contact etc...really good body language. Her friend comes to "save her" from the other guys and she ends up with us too...4 hours later we close the bar.

She gives me her business card .

I text her late the next day (after much research- I'm a tool)

"Had a great time last night. Looking forward to a next time. Scott"

20 min later I get a response-

"Yeah. It was good meeting you guys"

I THINK that's a blowoff- I'm surprised she texted back. because she did I'm thrown off and over thinking.

I did not respond because again, I'm thinking "blow off". I won't be "creepy older guy" harassing her...its been 2 days since the text.

So, everyone, Blowoff? or MAYBE she might text me back again? Any thoughts appreciated


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  • That text messages as got me thinking that you've been rejected.

    She did not say, "Sure, would love to see you again" or

    "Let's hangout sometime soon". She just replied, and kind of closed the discussion.

    This is what it looks like!

    But it's not great to assume things based on that action alone.

    Wait a few more days, and then ask her out.

    See how she responds.

    If it seems like a blow off answer, then move on!


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  • I don't think she finds you creepy otherwise she wouldn't give you contact info or text back


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  • If you want to ask her out its you turn to text her call her. You over thinking this just go for it but 14 years difference its kind a bit much my opinion

    • Agreed, and I feel her response was "closed". Friend pumping me up by saying "she text back...go for it" got me spinning- that's why I posted here. Thank you