Where did all this "afraid of being clingy" nonsense come from?

I feel like it destroys communication so much nowadays. People can't approach each other.

Getting a number now turns into a million questions of "when? when? when?"

People deliberately wait 5-10minutes between text messages so they "don't come off clingy" and even inquiring about whether a person's single or not sounds terrifying to people.

Where do people get all these fears from?


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  • I've heard enough guys say... that they don't like to text, I hate girls that are always texting, I don't like women that aren't independent, girls that text back right away seem clingy/they have no life, etc.

    I don't understand what this means, "Getting a number now turns into a million questions of "when? when? when?"

    • Where on Earth do you meet these "men"?

      Yes, texting is annoying, but I can't imagine a guy saying that girls who reply immediately are "clingy" or "have no life"... That is precisely what WOMEN say when men appear to be overly "eager" ;)

    • They're guys I know not just guys I date. From work, school, dating websites.

      It's advice I've gotten from guys if I liked someone... and it worked lol. I admit I text a lot with my friends. If I'm interested in a guy I will say something to purposely halt the conversation like, 'hope you have a good rest of your night'.

    • Personally I'd take cutting the conversation short or taking forever to reply as a sign of disinterest. Like saying "get lost" but nicer.

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