Ditch him or forgive him?

Known this guy awhile since elementary school and knew each other up til high school til he moved well its been awhile since then we saw each other again at a party and decided to go out on a date it was great we had so much fun and have been dating for a little over a month now nothing concrete jus dating he just got out of a relationship so wanting to take it slow. Well a few weeks after we started dating he texted me a pic of some gross girl bent over on her bed I laughed thinking it was funny and jus ya no some girls lol well a few days later he sends me another pic of another girl and her bra telling him to come ovr and I'm a little annoyed by this but don't say anything jus let it go.. well tht weekend we were out with some friends havin some drinks havin a good time and he says hey check this out hands me his phone and its a pic of the same girl and her friend and their bras and shows it to everyone at the party and all the girls tht night were like you gotta talk to him well at tht point I was beyond annoyed and felt stupid we needed to talk. So on the way home I tell him that I wasn't real comfortable and that it kind of makes me feel bad with the pics and I didn't mind he was seeing other people as long as he wasn't throwing it in my face and having sex with them he says he understands and he's glad I told him and it stopped.I jus figured it was an insecurity thing trying to show me how desirable he was or w/e so I chalked it up to nothing thinkin it'd fade. Well I'm not a huge fan of creepin on Facebook but my friend told me to look at it its posts of all girls telling him how funny he is and can't wait to hang out and I jus let it go he is single its whatever well I see he's liking really slutty girls pics on Facebook too and I'm jus like he knows I have a Facebook too right were friends on hereee ya no? but I jus let it go...then one night his friend was hinting to me all night he was hooking up w other girls asked him about it he says his friend jus does stuff like that. Then one night we had plans to go on a date he's texting me all day and night then jus stopped I see on Facebook he's with friends and two girls hmmm... next day I wouldn't tlk to him but then eventually caved and said I felt bad I don't like being ditched he apologized said his phone died and he didn't mean to hurt me and he cares so much about me and all he wants to do is make me happy I jus dropped it I didn't wanna even talk about it anymore so we were suppose to go on a date tonight but I don't want to I'm so turned off ya no so he's upset . I like to believe in the best of people and give people a little trust and he just keeps pushing me further away. he's such a nice guy and we get along so great and chemistries good but I didn't have any idea this was another part of his personality.


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  • I think you already know the answer but it's time to ditch. My last straw would be the flat out lie... "on Facebook he's with friends and two girls hmmm" no one goes out without a phone. They charge it in the bar, in their car, etc, yo find a way to have a phone. He's a liar and he won't change.