I really need to talk to him but he seems busy. What should I do?

So, I met this guy almost 2 months ago and we have been going out since then. We usually go out for lunch (because we go to the same university) or to the movies and stuff like that. However, we already had sex twice.

For me, this is something new because I have never dated anyone else before, so I have no experience with this dating game. We don't text, unless we are planning to meet (I have very limited calls and texting but unlimited internet, and he has no internet, but ilimited calls and texting) There was no problem (at least for me) by communicating with him 2-3 times a week. But recently, I started to develop feelings for him and I kind of miss him all the time, so I was wondering his intentions (if it's something physical or if he really likes me). I texted him that I needed to ask him something, and every timeI'm available to talk, he is busy. (I don't believe he is making up excuses because lately school and his work drive him crazy).

The thing is that, he told me he was going to be available from today, but he didn't call me. My feelings are killing me and I really need to talk to him, but I'm not sure what to do. Should I wait a couple of days? Or just have this conversation on a private message on Facebook? Or what? This is giving me so much anxiety .


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  • You NEVER have these conversations anywhere but face to face. Don't every say that you need to talk unless it's face to face or you live a million miles apart. Don't turn it into a big deal because guys don't like to talk about sh*t like that. Just forget it. Go out the next time you were planning and after lunch the movie whatever you could say...

    “What are we?”

    "Are we exclusive?"

    "Am I your girlfriend?"

    “I really like you and I’m not interested in dating anyone else. Do you feel the same?”

  • keep yourself in your study try try try. if he wants you let him come to you and you can ask. if you try reaching out and he is all busy and stuff like that, he will back off.

    if you think you can't handle this, move on and don't have sex with a guy till he is your bf.