She says she wants to be just friends but kind of acting different?

This is a very complicated situation, I am going to try and be as brief as possible while still having all the important information.

- Met her online, we hit it off quickly and I spent the night at her place after our third date

- She decides we moved to fast and wants to back off. I say OK and don't contact her for a few weeks.

- She tells me she made a mistake and wants another chance with me. We go on only one more date, kiss at the end. She then tells me she doesn't think it is going to work with me. I said fine, can't force something that is not there. We don't talk again for about a week.

- She breaks our no contact again, we talk a little bit then she tells me we should "start over". She jokingly sends me some kind of sexual texts over the next few days. We set up a date. She stands me up on our date. I blow up her phone because I was super pissed she stood me up and I was stuck waiting in her city which was 30 minutes from my house. She subsequently never responded and I didn't hear from her for weeks. I didn't try contacting her in over a few weeks.

- She breaks our no contact again and acts like nothing is wrong. I do that for about a day and we texted like 20+ times each way and she makes joking comments like "I am totally stalking your fb right now" and also when I told her I was dancing at a bar the night before she said "I didn't know you could dance? I always said I wouldn't date someone who couldn't bust a move".

- Yesterday I decide we have to talk about what happened. She told me I was a clinger because I blew up her phone and that she sees me ONLY as a friend. She then said she wanted to get lunch with me soon, but again said "as only friends though, that is it".

- Today she texted me this morning and I replied and that was that. She then texted me again tonight "Hey! How was your day today?"

am so confused by this. Why would she break no contact with me to just be friends after we had a messy ending, have been in no contact for weeks and we met online and weren't even friends before we started dating? And if you listen to what she said to me, she basically thinks I am clingy or whatever, so why would she want to be friends with me? And why would she contact me if she thinks I am clingy after I had gone weeks without contacting her? And now she is the one who keeps initiating conversations with me, and even though she claims she just wants to be friends with me, I feel like the past two days some of the texts she sends have a flirty feel to them. Anyone have any ideas?


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  • she is f***ing with your head. delete her number. she is playing games. and looking for attention. don't get involve with that kind of woman

    • This girl is messed up, the story just keeps getting weirder and weirder

    • Thank you for BA.

      Good luck.

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