Had sex after two dates, been texting a little. Does he want to see me again or not?

This guy and I met last week. After two dates, we were a little drunk and we slept together (Friday night). I spent the night. The next morning (Saturday) we had breakfast and hung out for a bit, then I left. Didn't talk the rest of the day. The next day (Sunday) he texted me and we chatted a little. Monday, nothing. Then today (Tuesday), I texted him.

After a little conversation I said that we should hang out again and he said of course! I had fun with you! ... But no mention of any actual plans to hang out.

Does he really want to see me again, or is he just trying to be nice? I feel like he would have made actual plans if he wanted to see me again, but I also know he could have ignored my texts/not been so friendly if he didn't want to see me again.

What do you think? Is he into me/into seeing me again?


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  • If he didn't want to see you, he wouldn't have said 'yes! of course!' A nice guy wouldn't lead you on, an a**hole wouldn't have even bothered to respond.

    Just wait him out. He'll text you eventually.


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  • Having sex with you after only two dates...

    Heck yes, I would love to see you again - for more sex


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  • Yes, he wants to see you again.

    As for knowing if he is into you , its hard to tell he could just like the sex.

    Try holding off on it ...to see if he genuinely enjoys your company without that bonus.

    If you're looking for something meaningful you need to keep some things stored away.

    Why would a man need to work to impress/get a girl if he is already handed everything in the beginning?

    Sometimes the challenge makes things fun.

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