I may have harassed my ex. Advice?

Ok have you ever actually felt yourself lose control of a situation & couldn't stop it I had an ex who I met this time last year I felt my self acting a bit crazy with him until eventually he wanted nothing to do with me but when id stop bothering him he'd send me a text or go like my pictures on fb but would continue saying he doesn't want me it confused me a drove me even more crazy

eventually I let it go and id still randomly get messages or calls or random things every couple months that I stopped responding to I realized he was the kind of guy who only wanted you if he thought ht couldn't have you which for me was terrible because I'm the type of girl who can't fake feelings...when I was a teen I was perfect at acting like I didn't care as I got older I ended up losing someone I loved because I pretended not to care for too long so now even when I try to I just can't I always feel like I HAVE to tell them I care...which made me unattractive to him

anyway this summer he started pursuing me again but things were awkward and we just reverted to our old selves ende dup arguing and he went back to saying he wanted nothing to do with me of course me being used to him saying this and still talking to me I didn't take it seriously then I kept bothering him calling him texting him until he has blocked me and made all his sites private I think he had his mother block me from his phone company itself...this time seems serious I did some research & realized if eh wanted to he could file harassment which scared me enough to never want to contact him again...but its like he went from enabling me for so long to this and I'm so lost...like right now I define the crazy ex girlfriend but part of me is still like did this really just happen? he was so mean about it and its like obviously he hates me & thinks I'm an unattractive crazy person but what do I even do now..i am so lost...i mean obviously NC I have no choice...i can't even say that I want him back but I literally don't know what to do...last night I couldn't sleep thinking what if he files charges now I'm like just so confused I need advice & help


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  • When you start feeling yourself going "crazy" - Just stop whatever you're doing. Literally, just stop and sit. Breathe slowly & deeply. Keep doing that until you've gained a little of your control back. Then remind yourself this: you NEED to respect yourself. Chasing after some guy is NOT respectful to YOU. No one is worth you making a fool out of yourself.

    Also, unfriend this guy on Facebook. Block him completely so he can't see your profile and you can't see his.

    This isn't about what HE thinks of you. It's all about what YOU think of YOU. Luckily, you're self aware enough to see your actions are a little nutty, but that's okay. We are all human, we all make mistakes in life. At this point you can learn from those mistakes and choose not to do those actions again. You've been doing the best you can with the strength & knowledge you have. Now you have a little more knowledge. When you start doing what I wrote above, keep repeating to yourself that you are doing what is best for you. You are taking care of you. You are being responsible for you and your actions.

    • Thanks for BA. Hope it helps. Good luck to you.

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  • Block him from all of your sites, lose his number and move on.

  • Move on.

    Don't ever try to contact him again.

    Block his avenues for contacting you.

    Be happy.

    Then, once you've done all the above,

    think about finding someone else.


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