Ex text me after telling me he doesn't want anything with me? (tried to get him back)

I broke up with my ex because I felt neglected by him well fir about 4 days fee didn't respond to my break up text I didn't want to break up with him but felt the need to because if his actions for about 3 days off ignoring me or nitduring me attention

On the night of the ,4 th day I called him late at night to talk to him and be agreed we talked for a few in which we both left still not understanding each others' point if view the next morning he told he couldn't deal with my attitude abd that he was completely done so of course I pretend it's OK and if we can still be cool that would be great he agreed well I broke a couple days later abd told him that I couldn't get over him or us for that that matter that he meant a lot to me...basically I poured my heart a nd let him know that I was sk in love with him blah blah well he ignored those text and finally told me he did care but that I was tripping

I wait two days later and at this point I couldn't take it any more so I sure upto his house just as he's walking out iI poured my heart again abd somehow I ended in his bed you know the rest before leaving I asked him if we were OK he says yes I told him I loved and bye well the next day I text him attend 10 to tell him if he wants to do something later since his birthday was on a Monday abd it was a Sunday abd I happened to.be off he said yes maybe later because he was leaving to go tailgating well and 10 I still didn't hear from him so I texted abd called to.verify he still wanted to do something no response the whole night I also told him happy birthday still nothing after that I figured he just used me for pleasure one last time the night I went to.his house so I was sure to not text him.that Monday well

Tuesday comes and around 7 he text me and we have a small conversation well now today he also texted me in the morning which now we've agreed to meet at his house and have a beer

I'm just wondering after him saying he didn't want anything relationship whose but he's texting me trying to.create small conversation with me whatdid he want? I've already started to burry my feelings for him considering him.sing he doesn't want nothing anymore so how should I react to this I don't want tho bring ny feelings for him back up get attached again abd then we break up again which by the way this is our 2nd break up within 4 months of being together I love him a lot and deeply care for him he Breana the world to me but the whole breaking up then making up is not for me what do I do? How do I approach this?


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  • Delete him from your life

    You need to move on