When messaging women on a dating site, how long should my messages be?

How many sentences? How many questions? other comments,etc? What works best?


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  • Here's the golden rule (Applies to any context):

    1) Never, ever talk more than her. At the most, you talk as much as she does. If she gives 3 sentences, you give 3.

    2) Change your questions to statements. Asking questions is like giving your nuts away. There's more ways to finding out about a person without needing an actual "question."

    3) Never put more thought into your messages than she does.

    In short, you can match, but never exceed the amount of effort she is giving you.


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  • I don't think that you should have to write a novel, but "What's up?" isn't going to cut it. Just demonstrate that you're sincere by asking questions that relate specifically to things she's mentioned on her profile... Outside of that, it's really up to you.

    • Men, this is a prime example of women not being able to raise men, nor can they give you advice on how to get women.

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    • I'm not? :(

    • Nope. This is AJ. :(

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  • Who you are

    Amount of money you make (higher the better)

    MEntion own place own car

    Willing to spoil,

    your height too.