Is he worth dating?

A friend of 2 years and I have always had a very flirty relationship. He's almost always had girlfriends however when the opportunity for us to do something arose. But even while he was taken he used you talk to me in ways that a taken guy shouldn't talk! Not that I ever stopped him. Well now he's single and we finally went on a date a few days ago. We had such a funny night and it was innocent enough and only progresses to kissing an touching, but he always talks (texts and online) about wanting me in other, stronger ways. And I mean always. So firstly, guys is he just after "a good time"? Is he worth pursuing if he was like that with me when he was taken? Keep in mind we do actually have a decent friendship


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  • If he did that while in a relationship with another girl, he will for sure do it when he's in a relationship with you. Men are creatures of habit.


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