Out of these two, who would you rather date?

who would you rather date zayn malik or drogo from game of thrones? I know their not the same age but I'm mostly comparing their builds/hotness/manliness.

drogo link

zayn link

was wondering since they have completely different builds which would you choose to date or more attractive from seeing the pictures?

  • Drogo
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  • Zayn malik
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What Girls Said 4

  • Drogo looks like the sorta guy who'd have his way with me, unlike zayn, who looks like he'd run in fear at the sight of a naked woman! So I voted A

  • non...

    but maybe drogo...

    at least he looks like real male, not a thin kiddo

  • I voted A, but because I like built guys. Zayn is way too skinny for me. I also wouldn't mind if Drogo had a little belly or his abs weren't toned...six packs are overrated (but shoulders and pecs are not) :-P

  • Drogo! He looks manly, dominant, and strong. Personally, that's what I like.

    Zayn's cute but he has a baby face, looks weak and is in a teen boy band...not my thing.


What Guys Said 1

  • Most girls will say neither but I think Zayn will win because the other dude looks too meaty/hairy/smelly

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