The morning after first date, he didn't call or text. Why?


I am really frustrated. My crush and I have been texting for a couple weeks and it got kind of flirtatiously every now and then.

Yesterday we met up and I had a great time! We laughed a lot and he told me that he loves my humour. :D Later that evening he kissed me. I know, this is pretty quick, but it happened.

Our date ended at 9 p.m. and he met up with his friends afterward. I guess they've been out until late that night, but he has a phone with internet access. He didn't text me, he didn't call me.

I keep over thinken what I might have done wrong. Have I been to jumps or annoying, did he enjoy the kiss, what does he think, am I good enough?

PLEASE help me. Is it normal that he didn't text me yet? When do guys get in touch again?

Take care xXx


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  • Ok first off calm down. That's a good way to scare him off is coming across needy for a message or call.

    It's not a bad sign at all if he doesn't call or message the next day at all, I would see it as he has taken another step towards a liking you. When I was talking to a girl and I felt things would go well enough to step it up I would calm down on the messaging. It's usually because he doesn't want to come on too strong. If he hasn't messaged in about 2 days it's because he is probably going off that 3 day rule thing everyone seems to think is good.

    Just send him a small message if he hasn't messaged after 2 days, he could see that as you breaking the rule which should make him happy


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  • it's waaaaay too soon to start making assumptions, worrying or even asking these questions.

    if you don't hear from him by the end of the day maybe then you can start thinking how he feels about you. after 2 days maybe assume he's not really going to follow-up. but seeing as how it's only been a few hours and he could even be asleep, you should really try not to fret

  • As a rule, if he left you to hang out with friends later than evening then he's just not interested in you. He didn't call because he didn't think he wanted to get involved with you. Guys who are hot for a girl would have spent the entire night with her...sometimes as late as the next morning. The guy would have already set the next date before he took you home, gave you his number and ask if it's OK to call you later or will ask you to call them (depends on how shy he is).


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