What would you do if you noticed your date wearing a purity ring?

I met this girl a few weeks ago, and we went out for drinks. I noticed one of the rings she wears has a religious quote on it. After searching on Google, it doesn't look like a purity ring, but she's obviously a spiritual person. I know she goes to church. She still goes to strip clubs and parties and drinks alcohol. I'm not a very religious person myself, but if you're that religious, you're probably not into that stuff right?

Is it safe to assume she's celibate? What would you do if you noticed your date wears a purity ring? Would you still be interested in dating her (or him)?


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  • Of course I would still date him. Sex isn't that important.


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  • Yes it would not bother me .It's not the ring is important it's what inside her character and so on . I'm thinking you like her if you ask her out to date so don't wore about the ring you over thinking this and might ruin the whole thing. If she's a psycho you will see sooner or later then you can dump her

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