He doesn't like my voice?

I recently went on a date with a male friend whom I known for 6 months.

The date was going fine, until... he kept making fun of my voice. At first I giggle and I smiled and kept talking, BUT he kept at it.

Kept copying the likeness of it and saying, "blah blah blah"

I become a mute afterwards... he then replied. "Yea sometimes your voice can be annoying..."

When the date was over he told me sorry, and he gets super nervous when dating a beautiful girl.

I don't get this guy. I know he likes me. He's sweet, and I thought he was one of the "good" guys... and he even asked me out again.

if somebody voice annoys you...? Why would you ask them out on 2nd date? Does he think I'm an easy laid?

I didn't give him an answer... I don't feel he deserves a 2nd date... I think we are better off as friends...

Am I being too harsh? What would you do?


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  • I would ask him what the deal is. If he really hates my voice or if he just picked a random thing to rant about because of being nervous. If it's the first, I'd be offended and wouldn't feel like a second date either. But if it's the second, then I'd just tell him that the joke wasn't appreciated and I would like it if he doesn't make fun of me during a date (or whenever) out of nervousness (or at all for that matter). It could be that he just randomly chose your voice to be a jerk about because he's nervous. Some guys aren't nervous at all, others spill drinks and are a bit goofy because of nervousness, others just are annoying.


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  • U did the right thing . I would not finish the date I would have left him there .. My voice is annoying? Well then go f.cuk yourself and by


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  • I don't like his attitude. Sounds immature and that's a red flag for an emotionally abusive man. He doesn't deserve another date you can do better

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