Commitment Phobic Guys - Do they fall in love?

A year ago, I dated this guy for only about 2 months. I didn't know he has commitment phobia until recently I read an article and everything mentioned matches him 100%. He was a hopeless romantic at first, gave me a lot of attention, made me felt like he couldn't live without me. I was preparing to go for a work placement overseas for a year and he knew about it before we started dating. Few days before I left, he broke up with me asking "what if you get another boyfriend when you are away?". I was dumbfounded. I cried, I begged but he just told me that he didn't want the relationship anymore. After that, I unfriend him on Facebook.

Until not long ago, he sent me a friend request again. I had pretty much recovered so I accepted the request. He kept liking my photos but did not say anything so I sent him a message and we talked a bit and he said we should meet up when I get back. I was so foolish I though he wanted to reconcile with me. But few days later, one of my friends told me that he did something similar to another girl and the girl was very hurt. And also I found out that he has been going on dating sites looking for a date. And I got hurt again, so I unfriend him again.

I felt so heartbroken because I truly loved him. A year ago when he broke up with me, I asked if he loved me he said no. And I told him if you never loved me, don't ever do the same to other girls because it hurts. But he did the same thing to another girl WHY?


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  • I have no idea if he's a commitment phobe or not.

    Breaking up a 2 month relationship rather then going long distance for a year does not make someone a commitment phone.

    • he has been doing the same in the past. dating someone for a few months, then break up with them without any valid reason.

  • Because they like being in love. They just don't like the commitment part.

    • Then who don't they tell you at the beginning of the relationship? Or just look for another girl who doesn't want to commit. How can they hurt people like that? It's just too cruel.

    • They don't get hurt by it so they don't understand how it can hurt other people.

      And they don't tell the girl in the start of the relationship because that would end it too soon. You must know this.

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