Guys, would you or have you dated a girl with children?

how did you deal with the children, how was the experience, at what point did you become comfortable with someone else's children? also, how was the sex?


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  • BTDT. The kids were a great part of the relationship, and I still care about both her and her girls.


    Enlist the kids to help you do goofy romantic things for their Mom.

    Relax, play with the kids, and let them know you like them. You do like them, or you wouldn't be dating a Mom, right?

    Let the kids see you smooch their Mom as long as she's cool with it. If they see her being comfortable, happy and affectionate with you, it's easier for them to think of you as part of the family. You do want that, right? If not, don't start. You'll hurt the kids.


    Try to be a dad to the kids until they put you in that box.

    Compete with the kids for their Mom's love. You will lose if she's a good Mom. That includes stuff like sitting next to her on the couch. Join the group. Don't break into it. Put the kid on a lap or the other side of Mom.

    Be the disciplinarian. If they need guidance, lead. Don't command. Unless you marry Mom and adopt the kids, that's Mom's area of responsibility.

    Ever forget that the wonderful lady you're dating is taking a huge risk with what she loves most by letting you into her kids'lives and affections. Don't take that trust lightly.

    So that's why it's hard for single parents to find a new mate.

    • Oh, and as for the sex, when one daughter sees you smooching her Mom, and tells you to get a room,and the younger one rolls her eyes and says it doesn't matter "cause we'll still be able to hear everything...yuck!"

      Well, the sex can still be good enough that you'll wish for thicker walls. You just have to be prepared for the Saturday morning cartoon watcher shift arriving in the middle of grown up activities.

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    • Best advise is to take it slow so everybody knows what theyre getting in to.

    • good point, thanks dude

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  • This one is a no go for me personally. I don't even know if I want to have my own kids, much less have to deal with someone else's. I don't know how other guys do it.

    • the one time I did date a girl with kids, it was super difficult, they were horribly misbehaved. thinking about dating a girl with kids again, and I was looking for some advice...

  • At my age, hell the freak no would I date a woman with children.

    • take advantage of it while you can man. after high school it seems like the only chicks around have kids...

  • Never have...

    Probably never will either...

  • I haven't and I wouldn't unless I had children of my own.

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