Tips to get over summer flings? Or this is love?

I dated a guy at my summer job this year, we started off slowly and were just friends. Hangout a lot then one day he kissed me when we both got tipsy. From then, we hung-out everyday after work and went on weekend trips to different states. I think I fell in love with him to certain extend, he was everything that I wanted. Easily open conversations with him and sometimes I catch myself accidentally talk about my future kids will be this and that, not that with him. I understand it was probably a summer fling since we both go to different colleges and are pretty far (6 hours away). we met each others' friends from home and I met his sisters and went out on many double dates. but ever since school started, I find it really hard to move on, we talked about it and both agreed that it's not realistic to date, it's just I can't seem to move on. Is this love or is this me just holding on to this perfect summer fling? Would there be such a love story that is meant to happen and we will meet again? I just didn't think he was in love with me, because if he was, we would have maybe tried to date. He was a gentleman and I compare every guy now I meet to him, that is what I am having trouble with, dating other people without reminiscing him. Almost everything I do, I remind myself of him, the conversation we talk about, movies we saw and things we did.

Also, it might make a difference that he was my first boyfriend and all if this summer fling counted as a bf-gf thing. Our relationship was not all about sex, he was never that kind of a guy, like a typical summer fling would be, hooking up.


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  • There's no rule that you have to date; often real love doesn't involve the formalities of dating at all.

    He might very well be in love with you, too.

    But since this was your first boyfriend, you should not dwell too much on it. You may be in love, but you need to explore the world before settling into an exclusive relationship with someone.


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  • well what I did when I had a situation like tha tis jsut try to pay attention to guys I had contact with in school or whatever then with time it got better,

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