Dating customs in Europe?

Alright, so I'm into this guy that's visiting/living here in the states from Switzerland but I have no idea how to tell if he's interested or not.

So does anyone know of the dating customs in Europe, particularly in switzerland!?


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  • Be adviced from my experience with guys here (living in Switzerland for quite some time already). :D

    Swiss try to always be polite. Let me make an example: When they check your ticket on the train, the conductor will of course say thanks for the cooperation - and for some reason the passenger will also say thanks to the conductor - I never got this part...

    Or they will keep the door open for you, even if you're still like half-a-mile away... Never got this part neither...

    They're extremely punctual - really like on the tick. I was riding from Bern to Zurich recently, the train had a delay of not even 2 min and people were getting upset... Don't have to mention: I didn't get this part neither...

    This is all important for dating as well. They will be very polite and try their best to be an interesting conversation partner (even though they are extremely slow which makes them boring to others...) even if they are completely not interested.

    The only way to know if he likes you or not, is to directly ask him to be your boyfriend (even though I heard rumours, they would even stick with you, just to not embarass or hurt you...).

    In general: They're western people with western customs.


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  • That's such a general question. It really varies from one European country to another but Zwitzerland customs are not that much different than "Western" customs, just be straight up with him, he woudl appreciate it


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  • well I think they are shier and booze helos se eif they like you or not.

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