After two hours pulling in a club, we swapped numbers, now I need some help?

Hi, I a question. I was in a nightclub a week ago and this girl started dancing with me. We wound up dancing for a while and then spent the next two hours kissing and making out. We were both quite drunk. We swapped numbers and I texted her a couple of days later and got a reply. Texted her again the following day and we texted back an forth for a bit. Couple of days later she texted me and again we texted back and forth.

Question is now how do I ask her out on a date? What should I say and does anyone have any date ideas? Not long out of a 4 year relationship so a bit out of my game lol. Am 21 by the way, she's 20.

Thanks in advance :-)


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  • just tell her "hey you want to catch a movie with me?" or change it for the plan you have in mind.

  • Just ask her. You're thinking too much


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