How am I supposed to act around him the next time I see him?

We've known each other for about 2 months. We're "friends" text often, and get along. Me and him both in swimming, different levels but same place. Everyday after practice, we'd both walk home together. We've done it every day, he'd always wait for me, and we'd go home together. Except for last night...he walked right past me, and didn't even say bye, he just left without me. Even though he knows we both walk the same way home, and I'm obviously really hurt, feeling like he's sending a message.


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  • just ask him where he ran off to last night in such a hurry. make it kind of like a joke to show that you're not hurt by it. if he responds coldly, than you know something's up.

    who knows? maybe he had something important to do or was having a bad day. you never know...


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  • i would just go up to him and talk to him, see what's up.

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