Why do guys disappear and act like you disappeared on them?

Went on 2 dates with him so far he initiates all contacts. He disappeared for 4 days and he said haven't heard from you for awhile how have you been?

I told him I'm the one who sent the last text.. He goes "i couldn't really reply to your last text. So I'm just heckling up in your now. Have you been good?"

If he wants to talk he could have just say hi. Why did he say he haven't heard from me? What kind of games is he playing?


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  • You never initiate contact that's why.

    I stop talking to girls if I'm always the one initiating the texts because it shows she's not going to give mutual interest if things go further. It tells me that she is gonna take me for granted. I want a girl who can actively tell me she wants to be with me. Not a girl who waits for everything to come to her.

    • Fair enough. I'm unsure about him to be honest. He talks about sex way too much on second date.

    • That sounds like he wants a hook up yes.

    • he just texted me tonight asking me what I'm up to. I said I'm busy... trying to make last minute plan.. not a good sign.. actually before second date he tried to do that as well... he invited me to join him and his guy friend for a drink. I told him no but he kept asking.. he probably was tyring to prove to his frined he could get me...

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  • You're just thinking about it too much. Just because he doesn't text you everyday or doesn't reply to a text because he didn't have anything to say to it doesn't mean he isn't interested or that he is playing games.

    • You didn't get it. I wasn't asking why isn't he texting. I was asking why he began with haven't heard from you for a while. I never initiate contact. Lol

  • well firs ti would try to talk to him more, if that makes it worse I would then tell him that you don't accept that kind of treatment.

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