Should I go out with this guy?

A guy that I teach the violin to in a store asked me out through a text message. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable going out with him because I'm his violin teacher. He later texted me asking well what if I didn't go anymore for the lessons then what. Is this seem strange to you because it almost seems as if he just took lessons as a reason to get close to me and saw me in the lesson room. On the other hand I'm thinking that he became interested in me because I told him I was jewish and so is he and he did say he was inspired to learn the violin from watching YouTube videos. So it seems okay, but I'm not really sure. Is this creepy and weird or should I go out with him?


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  • Why don't you give him a chance instead of eliminating him as dating potential because he violates your rules of what guys to date and not to date.

    Although I will say I'm not thrilled that he asked you out via text, that's a cop-out, he needed to man up and ask you out in person or over the phone.

    • I agree with you about the asking me out via text, but I'm not eliminating him because of a rule of who I date. I'm just wondering if it seems creepy because of the circumstances in the way we met. It seems like he might have just taken the lessons just to meet me. He barely he even knows me that well. I don't know if he even knows my last name.

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    • That did not answer my question at all.

    • I did I said it's cute, not creepy.

      Sorry for trying to be silly at the same time

      Besides, how else is he supposed to meet you and get to know you when all he knows about you is you teach violin

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  • i would give him a chance. you might have a great experience with him and you are just missing out on it.

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