Boyfriend lied about the first time he rolled

Hey! So this may seem like a strange question, but bear with me.

My boyfriend and I (i'm 20, he's 21) have told each other pretty much everything about ourselves, we are very open and honest. We have no real "communication" issues. But recently I found out he lied about the first time he "partied with molly".

He always led me to believe the first time I did, he did too. But it turns out he rolled a couple months before with his best friend (overheard him telling someone). Now, I would have been very okay with this, it would have been awesome to hear his experience...but I remember him coming back and just saying he drank and his best friend did all different kinds of things.

It hurts the most because he didn't text or call me at all that night (even though he knew I was just at home with my best friend). I know how you feel when rolling and I know how he is too - he normally always has his phone and texts a few people to give nice messages to.

The other thing I'm having issues with is the night he left to party with his best friend, I was starting to get weirded out about his ex-girlfriend ALWAYS texting him (and him replying...after talking to him about the girlfriend, turns out she was trying to get him back, but he would ignore those messages and just reply "friendly" stuff...I still doubt that, but she's now out of the picture for good), despite him telling me she was this awful person. I feel like he might have been texting HER now.

I'm really confused on if I should mention this to him? It's been on my brain for a while now and I'd love to know his reasoning for lying to me (to this day) and not even sending me a text that night.

Any opinions welcome :)


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  • you're more worried he didn't do his first drugs with you and not the fact that he does drugs at all? *sigh* (also, what you overheard could've been a lie)

    I wouldn't even worry about his ex-gf thing or whether or not you guys share great drug experiences together. I'd just start doing some self-reflecting and really try to figure out what it is you're looking for in life and in a partner. What you really want inside and subconsciously. And no, it's not a drug partner, trust me.


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  • well he might have thought you would make a big deal as you did right now.