Guys, why would you want to be used by a girl if you knew you were?

There is this guy that I was dating but now were just friends. We have been dating on and off and when we decided to start dating again for the last time he still didn't ask me out for 2 weeks. He was finally going to go out with me but he was "hanging out" with this other woman. I was hurt and stopped talking to him but now were talking again.

I told him he should become her boyfriend but he says no. She just got out of a 4 1/2 year relationship, he says that he can't trust her and that they wouldn't work out. He sees her twice a week, enjoys her company and they both like each other. I don't get why he won't be with her. He says he knows he is being used by her but he doesn't mind, he thinks its fun. He also says he like when girls need his attention, he will do whatever she wants. He was "hanging out" with he while she was still with her boyfriend. He says she has been chasing him. He still talks to me everyday still. I don't understand why he likes being used? Why he doesn't consider hanging out with her dating? Why he still texts me every day? I am confused.


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  • The human ego is a complex, twisted, broken thing. Stop wondering why a corrupt machine won't work the way it should. It's clear something went wrong.

    Why are you interested?

    • Because I care about him and I thought he cared about me.

    • Now think about that. It's all personal gain. He gains the excitement of cheating with a woman who he knows full well he won't have to deal with forever as nothing is genuine but it's all openly corrupt. You want the opposite from a man who wants nothing but the "Black" version of relationships where all is just inevitable decay. I recommend you leave it be. He cares as you do, for himself, and all else is merely a reflection of his own ego as is yours.

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  • to get some or wait for it to happen

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