How do you go about dating when you work?

The question is how do you get into dating when you work. I mean you have work and responsibilities to deal with. How do you get into dating?


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  • Don't.

    There's a reason that people say it's a bad idea. Especially if your work place is small and exclusive.

    I know from experience and it always seems to end badly and abruptly and one of you will have to find a new job.

    Also every one of your co-workers will know your business. That's how it seems to end up. So if you're a private person this will not work out.

    And if one of you is higher in the employee chain this too is not good. It will cause unnecessary arguments at the work place.

    Just find someone else to date.. no matter how attractive they are.

    (and that's my best advice for you)

    • Thanks you for answer. I understand where you're coming from but how do you get into dating outside of work place then?

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  • Well dating coworkers is a bad idea. Personally though, you need to be working in order to date. It's only the people who work too much that can't. Even people like me who manage two jobs can date every so often. Having those types of responsibilities will show you who respects you compared to those dating for self-gain.

    • How and where do you find your dates?

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    • Is it worth dating online though?

    • I don't see why it wouldn't be. Use a free one if you don't want to spend the money.

  • I'm sorry, I don't think I answered the question I thought you were asking..

    I really don't have an answer for you there :/

    I'm don't date. But my reasoning is different from yours.

    Good luck.

    (maybe try a dating site or one of those date meets?)

    • I see. Thanks for your answer anyway :)

  • Weekends?

  • The same way everyone else manages to? It's not like most people in relationships are unemployed.

    • Okay.. and how smarty pants :P ?

      You didn't really answer the question you know. Try offering some more substantial advice.

    • ill put it this way. I haven't had much progress either. most people meet their boyfriend/girlfriend through friends I guess.

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  • i am fairly responsible so I just give time to everything and talk to he guy. to tell him the truth: that I have things to do so he needs to be tolerant

    • I see what you mean but how and where do you find your dates?