He had dates planned until December and then today he texted me he's not ready to date

i went on a second date with this guy who I had been "talking" with and had a great first date with. after our first date he texted me pretty much all day every day, had dates planned into December, and even wanted to accompany me to a big gala I have coming up.

we went on our second date last night (which he had planned) and we had a lot of fun. he was more loving/touchy-feely holding my hand, putting his arm around my waist and kissing me throughout the night. we both had a great time, and discussed the upcoming ball and life in general.

this morning I got my usual "wake up" text from him saying he hoped I had a great day etc. then I got another text a few hours later saying that he thought he was ready to date again but that it turns out he isn't and he hopes I understand. I replied that I understood and good luck with everything. then he said thanks and that I'm "wonderful" with a smiley face.

im so confused...when I say he had dates planned out until December he had actually made plans. we had a great time on both of our dates, laughed a lot and HE texted me all the time. so how is he suddenly not ready to date after committing to attending a gala with me and making concrete plans for the coming months?

one little thing...his ex girlfriend who he broke up with about 3 mo ago showed up unexpectedly at his door the night before (Friday night) and wanted to get back together and apparently threw herself at him (sexually) but he resisted. he said he was totally over her, and reassured me multiple times that I had nothing to worry about so I trusted that.

what happened that suddenly he's not ready to date after making all these plans with me and giving me every signal that he's really into me?


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  • maybe he just realized he wasn't ready for it and that's it, it doesn't have to do with you and it doesn't matter what he could have showed to you or not

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