I deleted my big crush on Facebook, pathetic or cry for attention?

hello, there is this guy which I have been madly in love with the past 2 years. I only saw him during the summers, our families know each other very well. I always felt like there was something between us, I know this sounds very very cheesey but this I could tell from his eyes(altough this I tought). anyway last summer I promised myself that I will open up to him even if he won't.

I didn't had the guts. so I left him a text message when we left, telling him that I will miss him very much. His response to that was really warm and nice. A couple of months past and I really couldn't get him of my mind and I couldn't keep myself from sending him a message again by saying that I couldn't get him of my mind. (big mistake?)

I didn't get a response to that message. Months past and I didn't get to see him this summer due circumstances. I was honestly wondering how he was doing. So I sent him a message again by asking how he was doing. No reply again. And I know for sure he don''t have a new number. So I was kind of heartbroken, OK maybe he don't feel the same as I feel for him. That's OK. But he could at least sent a reply, at least we know each other for a long time and shared a friendship.

So it hurt me a lot that he didn't wondered how I was doing at all, and I felt humiliated by opening myself up to him. I have been obsesevily in love with this dude the couple of years an during the summers we had good en warm contact. Today I have decided to delete him as my friend on Facebook, because I am trying to get over him. I know it sounds silly but I hope it keeps myself from looking him up now and then.

My question is would it look pathetic that I have deleted him? would he see it as a cry for attention?


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  • I don't understand people who do this.

    It wouldn't hurt for him to give you at least some kind of response.

    He's giving you the silent treatment.

    The thing about loving someone without knowing if they love you back is well.. expect the worst.

    I hope this somewhat helped

    • Thank you for your reply.. I don't understand it either. Ps:what do you mean by expect the worst?

    • Well I guess it's best to expect the worst and not get your hopes up for thinking someone loves you back because then it will hurt even more if you expect something good to happen

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  • actually I never read this message it is too long :(


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  • i think that it doesn't matter what he thinks now, you did what you had to do to get over him and he has no right to judge you for anything since he didn't have the decency to tell you anything