Guys, how long would you say is long-term dating?

I am dating this guy at the moment and he prefers long-term dating to having a girlfriend. He works a lot so dating now and then is easier for him. I have never had a boyfriend before and I would like to be his girlfriend. He knows it too, cause he also wants to be in a relationship, he has told me so. He is just too busy to give me that kind of attention a girlriend needs. I like him a lot, I'll wait for him, and be as patient as I can. But ho long? Typically how long is long term dating? We have been dating since early September, I would like him to be my boyfriend come my birthday in December!


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  • Think of it like this: You are not in an official relationship so nothing is really tying him to you, He could really go out and have a date with anyone he chooses, but he is choosing you every time. He doesn't want to make a promise he can't keep, this is a good sign. Right now, while he is working to earn and save enough money to build a future, he can't always be there for you like a Boyfriend should, and he would feel wrong about it. He knows that you may not want to wait, and he doesn't want to hold you back. He's left you with the freedom to move on if you want to with no guilt or blame, and he is also showing you that if you are patient, he could share this future he is building with you when he is ready.

    Long term dating is way of testing your compatibility with someone before getting serious. He just making sure you're right for each other. This generally happens during college years, or while working extra hours/2 or more jobs to build savings or to pay off debts/loans.

    • Wow that makes a lot of sense. We are both out of college, working, and still living at home for the moment. He is closer to moving out than I am. It's hard to be patient but I like him too much, so I want to wait. I want to be with him. It is easiest to be patient when I am busy as well. When I'm not and he is, is when it gets harder. Thank you for your answer, it is exactly what I needed to hear.

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    • That's a good idea, I'll have to think about it and try something new. And thanks again! :)

    • Thanks for the BA :)

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