Why won't he date me?

We've been together on and off for almost 3 years. He treats me like his girlfriend, tells me we're together, tells me all the time he's not with anyone else, kisses me in public and is basically my boyfriend, but we're still not dating. Why?


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  • You're giving all the milk away for free! He doesn't feel the need to make it official. I hope you aren't sexing him at his command as well. Basing off of what you said- it sounds like he's not into you enough to make you his official girlfriend. You would think that a guy would want to claim a girl that he's head over heels for so no other guy can get her.

    I could be wrong, and in this instance I hope I am- you deserve better. Tell him your feelings and that he has a decision to make. Make it official between you two or you cut the friendship/ relationship for good! (or just stop hanging around him so much so you can move on).


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  • He does not sound serious. Honestly, if he were really into you, he would want to make it official. Find a guy who really wants to be with you.

  • He doesn't seem to be committed and serious about you..trust your gut feelings

    ask him directly what is the status..if he can't give you a sincere and direct answer say good bye to him

    protect your heart

  • He's stringing you along until he finds someone better

  • Sounds like this guy wants his cake and eat it too.

    Try asking him if the two of you will ever have a future together exclusively! 3 years is awhile without any commitment IMO.

    Good luck (:

  • My ex-boyfriend did this after I "cheated" on him (we were broken up, but talking about possibly getting back together and I got involved with another guy at the time) as punishment. We went 6 months without dating until I told him that if he didn't want to be my boyfriend officially then I wouldn't be with him at all. He was begging me to date him almost instantly telling me he loved me and he couldn't live without me yada yada. Long story short if he really cares about you and can't do without you then the threat of you living will scare the hell out of him and he'll want to date you.

    The thing is you have to SERIOUSLY be ready to leave. No playing games. Pack your stuff up and go. If in a week he doesn't call you or try to get you back then he didn't really want you.