Should I text him tomorrow?

Ahhhhh I'm so blah. I haven't talked to the guy I've been texting since Thursday. When I texted him Friday he didn't text back so I decided to let him be for the weekend :/

I can't wait for him to text me cause that makes me too anxious I'd rather just text him myself.


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  • Don't buy into this "s/he didn't text you back ONCE, just move on or let them be" crap. Some people just forget to reply or, unfortunately, play games. Text him again, sure. If he doesn't reply a second time, THEN let them be and try to find something/someone else to preoccupy your mind.

    • I ended up texting him and we talked for a good while ;)

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  • He could be busy...there's no need to keep texing him. He got the messages.


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  • Well if he didn't text you back at all after you texted him, then just let him be. If a guy wants to talk to you, he'll talk to you. Try and find something else to keep your mind busy. Like a hobby or something.