Do I just let him go and move on? Is he just inexperienced and immature or is he just jerking me around? Help guys!

so we made out before I left for school again this semester but never talked about where we stood or our friendship. after a month if being gone I text him first we start talking again. a few days later I'm getting texts from him saying I'm a player and I have all these other guys and how I'm not really interested in him. Which I obviously am because I never text anybody first but I think he just needs to be reassured. But what right does he have to be accusing me of anything its not like we specifically said we are going to start dating each other as far as I know we were just friends that made out once and now we are back to being just friends!? well I went back home for a weekend and he texts me which is cool I love when he does and he goes on saying how he really likes me and blah blah blah but we didn't even hangout once when I was there! and I'm sure he'll text me in a couple of days and be like thanks for not even hanging with me while you were in town...because he always does this! but hell if he was really serious he'd make it a point to see me right!? fyi he is younger than me so I'm starting to think its just his inexperience and immaturity or that he's not really interested and just jerking me around. help guys! do I just let him go and move on?


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  • Just move on, yes, you don't need to know why he behaves like this. Maybe he's plaing games with you, and maybe you are right, he's just immature, but either way,

    You have other things to do and other guys at school to get to know, right?


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