Adding her on Twitter after talking only two times with her?

I met this gorgeous dental assistant, and I've only talked to her twice, when I met her to make an appointment, and when I had to change the date because of some stuff I had to do that day. Didn't see her on the appointment, the dentist said she was an intern when I asked about her. She can start working there in November. I found her on twitter, should I add her? And just talk to her online? Would that be weird or creepy in any way after only seeing her twice? There was some chemistry between us so, hm. I don't know what to do. I'm not gonna walk in there in a month or so, and start a random conversation with her. That's even weirder. Being friends is fine with me, she's awesome. She has a boyfriend at the moment so.. That's not going to stop me.


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  • I would feel a little creeped out if a random customer from work searched me online and then friended me online. That's overstepping her boundaries a little if you didn't exchange contact info at the time.


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