Do I chase her? Or wait it out? How do I get her attention?

I'll keep this short as possible. I am in college, am 32, single. I was signing up people for intramural indoor soccer (guys and girls). I need more women on the team. So finally after an hour of searching I found her. My intention was not to pick up but to get signatures. Turns out she said she'd play. SWEEEET! She is half Spanish.

Very pretty girl. It's only been roughly 3 weeks now since we met. I drove her home once, and even met up with her for coffee. We laugh and we have lots in common. I really do like her and I've been waiting a long time for someone like her. She's a smart girl and looks gorgeous with her cute glasses.

We had a practice the first week and she came out. She was the only girl but she played with us. I'm the captain of the team. So people always say to look for me or wait for me when it comes to practices and games. Anyways the first game she played the whole time because we didn't have a sub for her. she's very fit. I was going to offer her ride a home but my car had a flat tire.

Anyways on the weekend there was an event happening in downtown Gotham (fake city) and she was there. I tried to meet up with her but never did partly due to series of events and my cellphone didn't catch the second part of her message. So nothing happened other than texting back and fourth. Mind you we had not planned on meeting up but my friends were also downtown. So nothing came of it.

I was pissed, so during the week I stopped texting her for two days and finally she texted me. We got to texting and I said we should do coffee that very night while on a study break. So she said "sure". It went well , so I thought. I'm a man that believer chivilary is not dead. I open and hold doors for women who get in my car.

The day after we had a soccer match, where we lost badly lol. She didn't play because she felt sick. Previous times after the game we had tried to go to the collge pub but it was closed. So she was willing to come with the team. I saw her leaving and stopped her and asked if she'd like to go, she said 'yes'. but she didn't feel well so I told her id drive her home. She said 'yes'. On the way there there was never silence, constant chatter.

I dropped her off and I asked her if she'd like to do something. She said 'yes'. It is a long weekend so she said to text her. I did and she said the following: "Im still trying to figure out what day I'm going to see my cousin. I'll have to let you know". Yeah I'll let you know means 'no'. So I waited, Got a text 2 days later saying

"Sorry I didn't get back to you. Busy studying! Having Thanksgiving dinner tonight. Hope you have a good thanksgiving!"

I even detailed my car, looks and smells great now. I really like her and I know we have potential. Where do I go from here? She's still on the soccer team. But I don't want to be a creep either. We laughed a lot in the car. Ladies shed some light on this. I've payed lots of attention to her interests etc...

What do I say to her? Isn't me telling her how I feel a sign of weakness? She's not automatically gonna be interested just because I tell her how I feel.


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  • Yeah that was short ")) .. Just kiss her man stop being a p.ussy let her know you are interested more then friends or soccer bud's or whatever

    • Am I intrigued, thanks for the response. Explain , I think am not sure what to do. I wanna do what you just said.

    • Call her tell her you want to talk to her and its very important can't wait ... Make the date not too late but to be dark outside . And when you see her just kiss her tong and stuff and the conversation will follow from there bad or good you will see.. Good Luck

  • That's weakness you not doing nothing about how you feel.. Go get her gogogogo