Why would he date her if he doesn't love her?

I'm frustrated because the guy I like is dating a girl he has NOTHING in common with, who's really not as attractive as him, who everybody I know dislikes because of something bitchy she's done and who he never hangs out with. When they are together, they kiss but they don't even talk or smile. He is a very nice guy who reads about politics and psychology all the time and he's very good-looking! Why is he dating that bitchy, unattractive girl? I have heard he used to be really fat, could it be because he is still self-conscious?


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  • If he likes her, then you can't do anything about it. no matter if she's as bad as you say she is: If he likes her and goes for her, then it's just like so. And if he likes or even loves her is something you surely can't tell (referring to the title of your question), whether they have anything in common or not neither. And obviously not everybody dislikes her, otherweise he would do so too...


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