Lost the girl I really wanted to date and can't get over it.

tough situation , meet girl and fell for her and though I had a chance with her but things never really materialised into something serious . now she is annoyed with me and not really interested anymore . I feel like I lost her and there isn't much hope of me getting what I wanted anytime soon .I don't know how to get over things or how to try and date someone else anytime soon ?


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  • Dont give up try to make things right to be honest your thinking way to much about this if annoying didn't come out of her mouth then your not annoying and don't give up when you haven't tried fixing it I'm sure she will take you back if you talk to her and communicate and show her you care a lot about her by reaching out to her if she doesn't reply to each text you send in a week then move on hun but never give up on your happiness or the person that makes you happy and settle for something that doesn't make you happy or just isn't right for you

  • Why don't you try to talk to her again...she might jz need some space. Anyway what did you do that ticked her off? Did she say directly that she's not interested anymore or you jz assumed that?

    • i did try and talk to her on Saturday but she was in an odd mood , I had given her some space for a few weeks and hadn't done anything to bug her for a few weeks but she still seemed annoyed over stuff that happened near end of summer

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    • problem was one of the girls I didn't know she knew her as it was a totally random girl at a bar but it turned out she was a girlfriend of her's from college but I had no clue and didn't even like the girl anyways just decided to try and talk to her and conversation went nowhere . and the other girls I was more friends with and never actually did anything with them , I did buy one a drink but it was meaning less and she didn't even like me

    • yah for me that's kind of a slap in my face that your flirting with these girls, I mean if you like me then you should jz focus on me otherwise I'd think of you as a cheater if we go further...probably that's why she's avoiding you now. try to explain to her why you did those things and if she still didn't accept it then got to let it go man...at least u've learned a lesson...to never flirt with other girls if your already hooked on with a girl

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