Have you or has anyone you know ever dated someone you/they used to hate?

Because you/they were depressed/heartbroken?

This girl I know used to be FTW with this guy for a month or two. Then he started getting weird about it and she got really creeped out. She avoided him as much as possible (we all worked together) and sometimes she would really badmouth him.

A few months later at a party she hopped into bed with him again and they started dating (it's been like 6 months). I know a lot of her friends had gone off to college and she had slight family issues or something. Also a guy she might've liked brought a girl he used to date to that party.

She used to be one of the coolest girls I new. Now she's just not fun anymore and sometimes when I see them together I lose a little bit of respect for her.

Do you think a girl could date a guy she didn't like for that long because of heartbreak or something? Or did she actually completely flip flop on him?


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  • Easy answer: No, never done. I did become friends though with people I had hated before.

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