What are fun date things to do? Any out of the box ideas that will leave your date wanting more?

For the really outdoors type date or not what are are some fun things to do?


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  • heres a list of date ideas

    -camping trip

    -log cabin,movies,smores,making dinner together

    -dinner on the beach

    -swimming and taking classes together in water sports

    -going to a sports game etc. football game,baseball game

    -four wheeling threw a beautiful trail and have a picnic

    -picnic outside,lights everywhere

    -drive in movie

    -bike riding to a park


    -swim with dolphins

    -picnic inside a car on top of a mountain or hill


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  • hmm Halloween is coming...u guys could go out of town and visit a pumpkin patch farm...check yelp which has the greatest review.

  • I went on a paddle boat and got ice cream that they sold at this pretty park. It's cute and romantic

  • Go to the park and feed the ducks. Bring plenty of feed for them. Putt-putt, go-karts, adult game rooms (i.e. Dave & Busters). Remember those things you found fun as a kid? They are still fun, but people forget how to relax and just get silly. Go star gazing or go downtown somewhere and people watch. Make up stories about what their lives must be like, who they are, etc.


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  • hiking if you've got the scenery. Nothing beats going on foot trails along the coast or what have you.

    It all depends on the people though.

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