Am I being annoying?

When I message someone on Fb I can see if they've read my message. And lately I've been talking to a guy we can text for hours and I have a bad habit of messaging someone again if they don't reply. If a guy doesn't reply and you see that he has read it does that mean he doesn't feel like texting anymore? And if you message him back again asking a different question is that annoying to guys? I need help for I won't keep making the same mistakes! All opinions are welcomed please:)


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  • It means that he may not feel like texting or he doesn't know how to respond.

    I really think that you should allow the person to get back to you.

    Some people aren't very prompt in when they may answer.

    You are showing impatience and desperation when you are not allowing someone to get back to you.


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  • Go ahead and ask your question, guys don't mind.


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