Would you date someone from your workplace?

I work with a girl that I am pretty sure likes me. Co-workers hint at it, and she blushed/laughed when someone flat out said it in front of us. She always looks in my eyes/away/back in my eyes when we talk, and is usually smiling while doing so. And she likes to come over by me (usually for no reason), and gets a little awkward on occasion when she does.

But, we are pretty different and I am sure things would not go all that smoothly if we started dating due to religion, parents, beliefs, upbringing, ect. And she is the type that gets easily upset.

Would you risk it or not?

And if you did not risk it, how would you handle her?


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  • I'd say spend time with her on an occasion OUTSIDE of work. (Sometimes in the workplace and out can make for 2 totally different things.)

    Whether this means getting coffee, or catching a movie or whatever.

    Sometimes outside of work, you realize you may not like her as much.

    On the flip side, you may realize you actually do like her personality a lot!

    Go for it in the sense of just one little date. That way its not weird if you guys full on date and break up.


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  • Don't do it...

    I have spoken.

  • If you guys like each other than go for it . I'm in a similar situation with a guy and if he gives me an opportunity I would take it . If it works out and I would fight for him no matter what other people, religion say

  • No...way.

    Can you say drama and awkwardness?


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