Shouldn't I be over him already?

Ok I'm gonna try to break This down as best as I Can. So I met This Guy at a party and we really hit it off. I ended up giving him my number. He texted me everyday. The first time we hung out we watched a movie and cuddled. when I lefted he texted me telling me how much he liked me and how he wanted to get to know me better so we could officially date. We keep hanging out things started getting more serious. He even sung to me and he even gave us a song and texted me good morning beautiful everyday.

one day he invited me to his party I brought my friend with me and she started liking his roommate so they started hanging out. One day he commented on my shyness and said he wanted me to open up more. I wasn't super shy he just made me nervous & its only been a month. He had a lot of sex partners in the past & that made me uncomfortable also. My friend who liked his roommate told me he was a player and that he was gonna try to get in my pants the first date. He didn't though & even when I told him I was a virgin and I plan to be he was cool with it and so I thought my friend was just being her usual judgmental about boys self. I got a job and I wasn't available all the time anymore and I told him I couldn't hang out one day then later on that day my friend told me he was in his room with another girl. I was devastated. He asked me if I was mad at him and I blew up. It made me furious that he would have the nerve to ask me if I was mad at him after that.

a week later I seen him at a party and he bagged for me to give him a second chance. Silly me I gave him one and I blamed him f***ing another girl on his past and me being too shy. One day I couldn't hang out because of work and he ended up f***ing the same girl again. This time I didn't let him know I knee because it didn't make since why he was pretending he like me. So I found out that the girl he was having sex with he told he they were dating so she would sleep with him even though that's all they did. I went to house for the last time just to get my purse & when I went there I seen a birthday cake that said happy birthday & the girls name. He lied & said it was for a friend because he didn't know I knew the girls name he slepted with. that's the last time I talked to him. After that he knows I hate him because when he tried talking to me I ignored him. I still seen him around & it kills me.

Is this normal? This all took place in may/June and for like a month and a half shouldn't I be over him already? It also bothers me that I don't why he was using me for? Like I never gave him sex & he never told people he was dating the other girl because it was just sex and I know that for a fact so I know why he was using her. But I don't understand why he pretending to like me? He said I was shy & if he just wanted someone to flirt and cuddle with why couldn't he did it with the other girl? she was obsessed with him. I wasn't giving him anything that the other girl couldnt. Why did he only see her when he couldn't see me?

Just for your information I'm actually 18
Also just so there's no confusion I know it was a only sex relationship because his roommate told my friend the girl comes over they have sex and she leaves. He also told her not to tell anyone they are dating. And his friend told me that there not he just tells her that so she will f*** him. He doesn't hang out with her unless she was having sex with him and he ditched her birthday party to hangout with me and he only had sex with her when I couldn't hangout with him. They don't talk anymore tho
Ok when I'm not over him I don't mean I wanna be with him ever again or I still like him I guess I worded it wrong. What I mean is it still sometimes hurts knowing he could just do that to me and I'm not over the situation completely. But I think he's a douche and I never would go back their


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  • He wanted to have both of you to play around with and as he couldn't obtain sex from you he went for the other girl on many occasions because that's ultimately what he really wanted to do with you but because you didn't give in he found the other girl. This guy is obviously a douche bag and I'm sorry you went through this... Also to answer the second question the reason why he saw her when you didn't have time is because he is a player and if he doesn't get one girl to come over he calls another one to fulfill his desires.


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  • Yes, you shouldn't even be thinking about him bynow, he's just the usual jerk that hangs around looking for action.

    Your friend was right about him, so get together with her and thank her for warning you.

    • I already did thank her. I don't like him anymore. It just something's bothers me and I still hate him and I'm not completely over the situation.

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    • Best Answer,no?

    • Lol you didn't even answer any if my questions you just any I should be over him by now

  • This guy is a huge player. Don't you see this?


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  • Yes I have been through a similar thing and I still haven't gotten over him. He was my boyfriend though. It's been six months. I think with these situations we can't let go because we are thinking "what did I do wring?" And torment ourselves thinking perhaps Iif we acted differently, the outcome would have been better. The truth is is they have their agency, and it's not our fault. Over time as long as you remind yourself how amazing you are, and keep your chin up, you will get over him. I'm starting to get better myself. I commend you for sticking to your standards. You're a great girl and if you realize this, someone equal to your beauty will find you. Be strong dear xoxo

  • yes, you should